MultiPoint Bag Filter

MultiPoint Deep Bed Bag Filter

Advance Filtration Group MultiPoint bag filter has an efficiency of G4 or F5 and are available in standard sizes. They are suitable for general purpose in Industrial and Commercial filtration applications. The MultiPoint bag filters are suited to non-critical purposes or as a pre-filter to extend the
secondary filter’s life span. Also available in 350mm depth, with or without wire headers.

– The Multipoint G4 & F5 filter is made from bonded synthetic fibres.
– These media types are moisture and fungus resistant and will not discard fibres into the clean air stream.
– The mounting frames are made up of an outer frame, which consists of 1.6mm epoxy coated galvanised, and an 6.3mm epoxy inner basket assembly.

– Options include and 316 grade stainless steel and reverse flow configurations
– Advance Filtration Group also offers an all-inclusive air filter maintenance and media replacement service if required
– The F5 is available in a 350mm deep bag

Download the MultiPoint Bag Filter DataSheet