Mist Eliminator Filters

Mist Eliminator Filter

Mist eliminator filters are special air filters developed to provide a high degree of arrestance efficiency for water mist, water droplets and fog in HVAC systems. They are typically used at sites which have long periods of heavy rain and/or frequent heavy fog/mist. These eliminators protect all elements of an HVAC system, e.g. coils in chilled water or DX applications and filter banks. In these applications mist eliminator filters can be installed downstream of coils and humidifiers to remove water droplets by condensation. Mist eliminators are also effective in the removal of oil mist from industrial machinery. Optimal efficiency is achieved where these eliminators operate at a face velocity in the range of 2.0 to 2.8 m/s.

– Available in 304/316  stainless steel to reduce corrosion or from .75 – 1.2 galvanised.
– Liquid drainage holes in the bottom of frame to allow connection  to a drainage or recirculation system.
– Available in 50mm or 100mm depths.
– We manufacture the gate filter
– Mesh on both sides add rigidity

– Suitable for use in areas of high humidity
– Dense multi-layers of stainless steel mesh, creates a labyrinth to optimise the capture of moisture
– When installed in the vertical plane, eliminator efficiency on droplets ≥ 5 µm is > 88% and > 97% on ≥ 20 µm.
– Low resistance
– Washable & re-usable

Download the Mist Eliminator Datasheet