Flat Panel Filters 15-45mm

Flat Panel Filter

Advance Filtration Group can manufacture flat panels in various widths, from 15mm to 45mm. Flat panel filters are ideal for use in HVAC areas that require a low pressure drop and low-cost filters.

– Available in 15mm to 45mm channel depths.
– Filter media used is G4 rated; other efficiencies are available if required.
– Manufactured in galvanised steel, aluminium, or stainless steel.

– Flat panel filters being used as a pre-filter or as a primary filter where application requires.
– Flat panel filters can be used as a pre-filter to Advance Filtration Group’s Multipoint, Four Point and many other secondary filters using side access or existing configurations. Can be installed using one of the many AFG holding frame systems, F-Type , Ludwig type, P-Clip type.

Download the Flat Panel Filter 15-45mm datasheet