Cardboard Filters

Disposable Cardboard Filter

The AdvaPleat cardboard disposable is available in MERV8, MERV11 or MERV13 rating and comes in a wide variety of standard sizes.  Suitable as a prefilter, with a high dust holding capacity, and an expanded mesh grid which provides superior stability.

Construction Design:
– High dust holding capacity
– Media pack glued to perimeter & all cross bracing
– Perimeter frame lapped interlock, glued for strength
– Radial pleat design
– Choice of MERV8, MERV11 or MERV13 rating
– Recommended final resistance: 250Pa
– Maximum operating temp: 93˚C
– Available in 21mm, 45mm and 95mm depths
Filters can be cut to any size upon request

Please refer to our datasheet for further information.

Download the MERV8 Cardboard Disposable Filter Datasheet
Download the MERV11 Cardboard Disposable Filter Datasheet