About Us

Advance Filtration Group (AFG) is Australian owned and committed to providing high end manufactured and designed HVAC products to its customers. AFG supplies HVAC Filters, HVAC Systems, HEPA Modules (all sizes) Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Units (KEFU’s) and many other HVAC products to any specifications required.

Why AFG?

  • Local design and manufacture significantly cuts down lead times.
  • Dedicated and qualified technical sales and engineering design and drafting team.
  • Significant industry knowledge at all levels of the business.
  • Ability to consult with industry and leading professionals to ensure best performance and optimum quality of products.
  • Sophisticated engineering platform enables the design, customisation and manufacture to customers’ needs.
  • Flexibility of manufacture.

In 1999, a fledgling AFG began manufacturing and supplying HVAC filters to its local Victorian customers. 
With many successes along the way, the business grew steadily and in 2013 moved to its current manufacturing facility in Greens Road, Dandenong South.

With the new factory, came an increase in business and the need to invest in motivated and knowledgeable people and state of the art equipment. 
AFG now operates out of three large factories in Dandenong South.

The past five years, has seen AFG go from strength to strength.  

Support Australian manufacturing and design today! We are always happy to take your call.