Advance Filtration Group

More than just filtration.

Design, Fabrication, innovation.


At Advance we have had some major changes

with many new products and services,

shortly we will have a new website with all the new

products and services available.

these include.

HVAC filters all types.

Air purification units for a multiple of uses.

Electrostatic kitchen filtration exhaust units.

Odour Control and chemical filtration.

Fabricated metal products from design to completion.

With the inclusion of our Amada laser cutter in our arsenal

and the purchase of a Kuka welding robot

 there’s not much we can’t make out of metal, to the highest of quality.

In these days of Multinationals that dont care about anything but the bottom line,

call us,we are an Australian owned company dedicated to our customers

and the Advancement of the local HVAC parts industry.

Please feel free to call on

 03 97912881

or email us at

we are only to happy to help.

Factory 1. Office and filtration Manufacture.

  1/147 Greens rd Dandenong Sth

Factory 2. Warehouse and logistics

2/147 Greens Rd Dandenong Sth

Factory 3. Fabrication centre

10 Tatterson Rd Dandenong sth


We have just received 6 new machines as of Feb 2019

 1.New CNC plasma cutter up to 16mm cutting depth

2. High speed wire cutting machine.

3.TDF flanging machine

4.High speed PLC controlled Pleating machine

5. Beading Machine

6. 2mtr power roller

this as well as our existing laser cutter and welding robot and turret punch

proves once more that Advance is equipped to manufacture in Australia.

Quality, quickly, competitively.

Support real Australian manufacturers call Advance.